Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. You agree the following agreements when you register an account or purchase a software license from website between you(client) and SonicPanel LLC company.

2. SonicPanel has 30 days full refund policy for Yearly and 3 Years license modals without any questions.

3. A monthly license refund is possible in 15 days period of the payment without any questions.

4. You have the rights to ask a refund in 30 days after your payment, we will refund it without any question.

5. SonicPanel holds all the rights to cancel/suspend your software license and refund your payment if any of the following items exist or occur;

- There is a high fraud risk on your payment.
- Insulting support members, sending spam ticket replies, sending spam emails to support.
- Fraud attempts, stolen credit card, card holder does not aware of the purchase.
- You are not responding to our calls or fraud verification emails.
- Your monthly automatic payment for monthly license fails 3 times.

1. Refunds are done to the credit card or paypal. The refund usually appear on credit cards within 1-3 business days. It takes 3-14 business days for debit cards, this is completely under control of your bank and SonicPanel cannot change this time, paypal refunds are immediate.